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Scripture Memory Journal

Bible Study Journal

Embark on a beautiful, detailed 12-week journey with this beautiful 96-page journal that will allow you to study, meditate and memorize God's Word one verse, one week at a time.

I hope to give you the opportunity to delve into and interact with God's word deliberately and intentionally. I chose these specific verses because they address issues of our hearts. They invite us to consider and meditate on what we love, whom we trust, how we live, the legacy we sow, the choices we make, the associations we allow, and more.

You will study one verse each week and consider the many ways God's Word speaks into our daily lives. For individual or group study.

- Unique devotionals based on each verse at the beginning of each week 
- Specific dedicated daily prompts to guide your meditation each day of the week
- Ample space each day to journal, pray and give thanks every day
- Two-page sample guide 
- Eleven beautifully designed artwork pages 
- Pages for reflection 
- Size 6.7 x 9.6 inches
- 96 pages

May your faithful stewardship yield a treasure chest full of biblical truths that you can draw upon for strength, direction, and comfort as you develop a heart for Godly living.

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