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About Me

First, the pretty side.......

Several years ago, I graduated from being a long-time scrapbooker and started putting that extra special touch on handmade cards for my friends and family. I enjoyed making designs that brought smiles, love, joy, encouragement, and appreciation to those that received them.

When my oldest left for college, I developed Heart Design Studios in order to share my designs and allow others to bless their family and friends! 

I enjoy making cards, gifts, and prints that are beautiful to receive and display. It is my way of giving you a touchable way to "pay it forward" and put a smile on someone else's face and their life as well.

Now for my functional side ....with a bit of pretty lace...

Fast forward only three years ago, I had the opportunity to do an in-depth study on stewardship and began to see my life - and, therefore, my tasks - through different lenses. 
I began to remember that every day only comes around once, and I didn't want my days filled with just errands. I wanted my days to be filled with opportunities to leave an imprint. What I had been doing with my cards I wanted to rediscover in my own life. I wanted to not just get through my days but steward them - well.


After that year-long study, I began to combine my "pretty" with my "functional" side and have continued to grow in stewardship as it pertains to my God-given roles and responsibilities. What principles should drive my days and my goals? What legacy was I already cultivating, and which one did I want to cultivate? 

I have come to make peace with my "to-do list and my not-to-do list. Yes, you read correctly - it's not a typo. I have learned to pair down - less really is more. This relates not only to my belongings but also my commitments - less really is more - more
focused attention, more joy, more peace, an
d Lord willing, more impact.

Now as a full-time empty nester, I am on a new journey, and I hope to share my
 unique insights as the Lord directs my steps.

As the Lord leads, I hope to share thoughts and perhaps tools that will help you steward each day, each year, and each area of your life to have more joy, more peace, and more impact. 



i love creating greeting cards, gifts, and tools that will help you intentionally live a life that will cultivate a legacy of gratitude and love for others. Join my mailing list        to get news on my new product and upcoming craft shows. 

Every day is an opportunity to leave a loving imprint on someone's heart - I trust I can accomplish that with



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