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In our busy world, we can often lose sight of what I call  " the little things."
Here are a few:
  • Cooking and baking my college student who is home for the holidays - just because I can!
  • Enjoying the vast blue sky overhead and the warmth of sunshine on our faces.​
  • Resting with a little one on your lap for an hour's nap - even though dinner is now going to be late.

I could list many more.  But suffice it to say life becomes busy - even with good things.  At times the process of life becomes more important than the people with whom we live or do life with.  As a result, we miss out on savoring those little moments that put a smile on our hearts - or miss out on putting a smile on someone else's heart.

Cards have a way of doing just that .....


How many of us rummage through the mail, tossing mailers

and bills aside and smile when we discover a personally

addressed piece of mail and wonder,


"Someone was thinking of me!"


It could be a note of warm birthday wishes, a heartfelt

"thank you" or word of appreciation or an expression of



At that moment, we feel as if the day's clouds are

washed away with the grace of someone else's joy

and love, passed along to us.  

I love to create tangible packages for that grace.  As I carefully design and

create each card, my goal is to give you a touchable way to "pay it forward,"

and to put a smile on someone else's face.

I invite you to take a look at my current collections -
Happy Birthday
Thank You
Praying for You/Thinking of You 
New Baby 
Sympathy /Congratulations

I hope you'll be excited about receiving your cards.  But more so, I hope you'll be inspired to pass along some joy and love to others in your life. 

Thank you for making me part of your circle of joy and love!


greeting card, paper, envelope

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